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The Domino Drops!

It’s been a long wait, I know, but Domino – the second book in the Dead Heroes series – is finally out, and I can’t wait to see what people think of it when they dive on in. Rockaway and Jimmy Three Ex are back, coming ashore in glitzy Aysea after narrowly escaping being ambushed and killed in Old York. On the surface the place seems like a peaceful paradise compared to the bombed-out ruins of their hometown, but there are sinister things lurking in the shadows of the neon lights, and if the two gang members want to survive to make their delivery, they’re going to have to put their cards on the table. Because in the big Aysea the difference between a life of luxury and a life in chains is always just a deal away, and it’s time to ante up.

Haven’t started the Dead Heroes series yet? No worries! The first book, Runner, is available from Amazon too!

5 Days and Counting

Well now! The response to Runner has been absolutely incredible so far, from the ruckus that was raised at Barcade to the quiet signature requests that have come at me from unexpected angles, and as it closes in on my first week as a novelist – that’s still so much fun to say, I won’t lie – I am filled with nothing but absolute joy and gratitude for being given this chance to tell a story I believe in for people who’ll enjoy it. Thank you all. Truly.

Going forward, what will really sell this book is good worth of mouth, so while I hate to ask more of any reader than simply to enjoy the story I’ve told, if you’re willing to help out just a little bit more you can do me the greatest favor any author can ask for by putting the word out to anyone you know who likes zombies, or simply horror/sci-fi as a whole. With the popularity of Walking Dead and zombies in general, this is a bit of a wider audience than we might have had a few years ago, so let’s make the most of it, right?Pretty soon the book will be available in ebook format, which should help bring more people into the fold, but until then if you want to recommend a good novel for the horror/sci-fi fans in your life (who don’t mind an R-rated story), I’d be mighty obliged to you.  I believe in this story, but proud as I am of the tale that’s told, I can’t shout loud enough on my own to make the whole world listen. Even with the awesome folks of Eschaton Media doing their best to put it in every hand that will hold it, every extra voice, every recommendation will help.I apologize if this came off in any way as wheedling or melodramatic. I’m really just terribly excited, and want everyone to read this book, so I hope you’ll forgive me a bit of excited hand-waving. No matter what, if you read it, I hope you like it. I certainly had a blast writing it!


Runner releases today!

It’s finally here! My first novel, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival tale Runner, officially releases today! If you’re in the Jersey City area, the launch party starts at 7:30 tonight at Barcade (a 21+ venue). Come on out for books, food, booze, autographs and a ton of classic arcade games you can play for only a quarter!

Even if you can’t make it, however, Runner is now available on Amazon as well – just in time for the zombie lover on your holiday wish list!