Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award: Guess Who Made the Quarter-Finals!

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award began with 10,000 entries which were then sored into five categories and cut to 2,000 entries (400 per category). Today they announced the next round of cuts, down to the top 500 (100 per category). Or, to put it another way, they’ve gone from the top 20% to the top 5%.

“The Impossible Mister Lapin” has made the top 5%, and is now in the Quarter-Finals.

I’m proud. There’s a lot of ground left to cover in this contest, but I’m proud to have made it this far.

But wait! There’s something you can do to help us. Available RIGHT NOW on Amazon, you can download my excerpt – the first chapter of the book – and write a review on Amazon. (Link below.) Anything helps, though if you can put up a little more than just a “This book rocks!!!11” that would be even better. Even just one or two lines with specific points about the excerpt and what you’d like to see from the completed book. No matter what, though, every little bit really, really helps.  This is not exactly the voting stage, but I can’t imagine it hurts their selection to see that people are reading and responding to the excerpt. So if you have time, download our excerpts and take a moment to put up a review. If you listen carefully while you do, you can hear the sound of authors dancing gleefully in the distance.

The Impossible Mister Lapin!

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